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Morning paddles

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This website is about random stuff, science and life!

Anything that I add to this website will be updated in the blog navigation bar, along with random anecdotes that didn't fit in any of the other sections.

I am still working to make this better.

If you want to comment on some content, you can send a comment via the Home tab in each side-bar: Life, Science or PhD.

About me

  • Studied a BSc(hons), with a major in Chemistry and polymer science
  • I've recently submitted my PhD in Organic bioelectronics.
  • I love to try different Craft beer and wine. It is an art-form that I appreciate a lot.
  • I am a volunteer surf lifesaver SLSA & a member of North Wollongong Surf Club
  • In my free time, I write short articles and I practice my Python skills.
  • My life goal is contribute something great to science/the community. I am not sure what that will be, ask me again in a few years.
  • I am using this blog to improve my writing skills, but also as a tool to improve my mental wellbeing. I feel that once I write things down, they are released from my mind and I've freed up space for other thoughts.
  • I plan to make this a platform where I share my experiences and hopefully it may help someone going through the same situation.

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